When Great Centers Work Together Our Patients Benefit

Through the power of our network partner centers, we provide intended parents with a large selection of fresh and frozen donor eggs at affordable prices.

How It Works

Our collaborative network of like-minded fertility centers works with clinics all over the country to ship embryos closer to you or your gestational carrier. You don’t see your fertility center listed? That is no problem, EDC is open to working with out-of-network centers as well.

Benefits of Choosing EDC

Working with EDC provides many benefits, from bypassing high donor agency fees to eliminating the need for intended parents & their donors to travel and more!

From EDC Recipients

We love the heartwarming messages we receive from families across the United States sharing the meaningful role EDC provided on their journey. We strive to be that helping hand so you know that you are never alone. We are with you every step of the way.

Register to Gain Full Access To Donor Profiles Including Photos

We understand that finding the right egg donor is a very personal process. Find your perfect match by registering to gain instant access to full donor profiles. Search from our diverse pool of donors for the characteristics that you value.

Options in Egg Donation Podcast

Dr. Ronald Feinberg & Dr. Joe Massey, Co-Founders of Egg Donor Collaborative, joined the Creating a Family Radio Show / Podcast to discuss donor egg options and research on improving success with egg donation. Listen to the podcast below: