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Cryos International helps people make their dreams of a family come true. Their egg bank, launched in 2015, has been able to help people by assisting those who need donor eggs to have children.
Cryos International

About Cryos International
Fulfilling The Dream of Creating A Family

Cryos International takes great pride in the responsibility of helping create life, with which they have been entrusted. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of parenthood and it is their vision to help the childless fulfill their dreams of creating a family. Their 30 years of experience has resulted in several thousand donors who have all helped them achieve their common vision “To help the childless make their dream come true”. With customers and delivery to more than 100 countries across the world, Cryos International does not just take pride in having the most donors, but also the widest selection of donors as well as free of charge access to their online donor search.

Located in Orlando, FL

Cryos International EDC Team
Meet the team of EDC experts At Cryos International

Corey Burke, Cryos International

Corey Burke

Tissue Bank Director

Kiaya Roberge, Cryos International

Kiaya Alexandrovich

Client Services Lead