Collaborating With Your Local Fertility Center

We understand that everyone’s path is different and your unique story gives our team the information they need to assist you on your journey. The steps below serve as a guide to proceed with embryo creation with Egg Donor Collaborative. Our collaborative network of like-minded fertility centers works with clinics all over the country to ship embryos closer to you or your gestational carrier.

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Full Donor Profiles at no Cost

Full profiles provide extensive background regarding the donor’s personal and family health history, genetic testing results (when available), as well as their personal achievements, goals and interests.

Speak With Egg Donor Collaborative
& Your Local Fertility Center

Contact our Egg Donor Collaborative Coordinators for the forms to provide to your local center. Connect with your local fertility center to let them know you are interested in a donor with Egg Donor Collaborative and confirm they are willing to accept embryos from an outside center.

Select Your Donor
From Our Growing List

We understand that finding the right donor is a very personal process. Our compassionate staff has years of experience to guide you with as little or as much support that you prefer every step of the way. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible if there are any donors that interest you. Our interactive tools allow you to search our diverse selection of donors for the characteristics that you value so that you find your perfect match.

Finalize Your Contract
And Payment

Once you have selected your donor, we will email you the contract, which you will need to complete. After you have returned your contract, the payment will be processed. We will then begin the donor’s final screening and stimulation.

Sperm is Shipped
to the Lab

Your Egg Donor Collaborative Coordinator will guide you through the process of connecting with IVF shipping specialists to plan the sperm shipment. The sperm can be from your partner or from a donor.


Your Embryos are Created  
& Shipped to Your Local Fertility Center

Skilled embryologists utilize their expertise to create your embryos. The shipping specialists will then work with the Donor Host Center and your local fertility center to coordinate the shipment of your embryos safely and securely.

If you do not see your center on this list, please fill out the form below and we will contact you or your center shortly.

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